Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe, Sentosa

Ayuh ke Hard Rock Cafe, Sentosa.

Resorts World Sentosa is the first integrated resort on the island of Sentosa, off the southern coast of Singapore. This island exudes a relaxed resort lifestyle with panoramic views of beaches and lush rainforests amid its hotels, attractions and restaurants. The third Hard Rock Cafe in Singapore is located in the heart of The Forum in Sentosa island. Featuring world's famous American menu mixed with regional favorites that will surely whet your appetite. Each dish stamped with the personality of the creative genius in charge of the kitchen of Hard Rock Cafe. No matter whether you're savoring a rare new york Strip Steak or the HRC Legendary Burger, you can rest assured that they are of US Choice & Certified Australian Angus Beef. Boasting a beautifully conceived dining room, the superior luxury of a vast collection of music memorabilia finds their perfect spaces on the walls, a stylish contemporary lounge bar are one of those rare experiences which go some way to establishing Hard Rock Cafe as one of the globe's culinary hot-spots. Whilst at the Cafe, don't forget to check out an amazing collection of souvenirs, mementos and collectible items at our Rock Shop!

Est. April 22, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa Singapore
26 Sentosa Gateway
#01-209 to 214 The Forum
Singapore 098138

Mon - Sun 11:00AM - 1:00AM
Last food order: 10:30 PM
Mon - Sun 11:00AM - 1:00AM

Terletak dalam kawasan Resort World Sentosa

Menu kalau nak makan

Rock Shop


City T shirt. Harga below SDG50


Segala mala pin pin

Baju bajan

Terbekenan hat ni

Resto nya pulak

Banyak tak gelas gelas

Dalam resto

Guiness. Tak aci minum ni ! Dosa.

Mari ber-rockin'. Rock yang tak berapa well aka jiwang karant.

You touched my life
With your softness in the night
My wish was your command
Until you ran out of love

I tell myself I'm free
Got the chance of livin' just for me
No need to hurry home
Now that you're gone

Cuts like a knife
How will I ever heal
I'm so deeply wounded
Cuts like a knife
You cut away the heart of my life

When I pretend
Wear a smile to fool my dearest friends
I wonder if they know
It's just a show

I'm on a stage
Day and night I go through my charades
But how can I disguise
What's in my eyes

I've tried and tried
Blocking out the pain I feel inside
The pain of wanting you
Wanting you

Cuts like a knife
How will I ever heal
I'm so deeply wounded

You cut away the heart
Of my life


  1. Klau pegi mana2 negara pun mesti cari HRC ni bukan nk membeli pun just nk bergambar je x mampu katanya. Di sentosa world pun jm masuk lepas jeling2 manja ngan tshirt2 tu terus blahhh

  2. JM : jangan start mengumpul. nanti tak leh stop. hahahaha..

    pegi usha usha je pun ok kan?

    MKL : big fan ka?



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