Monday, March 19, 2018

NZ 2017 03 : Lake Benmore | Clay Clff | Elephant Rock | Moeraki Boulders


Lake Benmore 2016.

Benmore Dam and the Benmore power station are located in the Waitaki Valley on the South Island of New Zealand.

Benmore Dam is one of the largest dams on the Southern Hemisphere, and Benmore power station is New Zealand’s second largest hydro power station.

Above Benmore Dam lies Lake Benmore, which has a surface of 74.5 square km, a shoreline of 116 km (72 mi), and under normal maximum levels holds 1.5 times as much water as Wellington Harbour.

The spillway of Benmore Dam, which is about 500 meters (1,640 ft) long and 55 meters (180 ft) wide on average, can discharge an amount of water that is 10 times the amount of the river flow. Water running down the spillway is deflected at the bottom into a wide arc to dissipate its energy before entering the river.

Dan ni di tahun 2017

Boleh singgah sebab terletak di tepi laluan. Aci singgah picnic picnic.


The Clay Cliffs are a stark sight - tall pinnacles separated by narrow ravines.

These otherworldly formations are made up of layers of gravel and silt, originally formed by the flow from ancient glaciers over a million years ago. The cliffs are on private land. There's a donation box at the gate, or you can pay the $5 vehicle admission fee at the Omarama i-SITE.

To get to the Clay Cliffs, turn onto Quailburn Rd off SH8 and then onto unsealed Henburn Rd. The Omarama hot tubs, back on the main highway, make for a great stop afterwards.

Tempat yang kami tuju masa 2016 ikut suka hati je. Jalan masuk ke dalam agak jauh dan mencabar.

2016. Sempat dulu kami berkelah sejuk sejuk tepi sungai

Dan di tahun 2017, landskapnya sudah berubah.

Tapi cara masuk dan pembayaran tetap sama. Masukkan duit kat dalam kotak kat pagar. Bukak pagar dan tutup balik. Agaknya dari tahun lepas tuan dia tak datang collect duit orang bayar. Kalau kat Malaysia dah lama lesap duit duit tu.


The Elephant Rocks near Duntroon in North Otago, New Zealand, are a collection of large weathered limestone rocks. They are located on a private farm 5 kilometres (3 mi) south of Duntroon, in the Maerewhenua Valley. 

The wider area around Duntroon is known for its interesting geology and preserved fossils.

Tahun 2017 aci melawat kambing kambing di sini lagi....


Agak malang di tahun 2016, kunjungan ke Moeraki ni sedikit hampa sebab air pasang.

Moeraki is now most famous for its boulders; mysteriously spherical stones scattered across a beach. Each boulder weighs several tonnes and is up to two metres high. Scientists explain the boulders as calcite concretions formed about 65 million years ago. 

According to Maori legend, the boulders are gourds washed ashore from the great voyaging canoe Araiteuru when it was wrecked upon landfall in New Zealand hundreds of years ago.

Dan hajat nak feeling feeling kena telan dengan batu belah batu bertangkup kesampaian setahun kemudian.

Memang wajib singgah di Moeraki ni kalau planning untuk terus ke Dunedin.



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    1. ni maybe batch baru... KKBNU

      budak kambing kambing yang baru nak up.

  2. Kali ni pergi solo ke dengan geng macam dulu?

  3. Eee..geram tgk kambing..rasa nk babap jer..hahaha..

    Setuju..wajib singgah tgk Moeraki boulders

    1. jangan babap.. mereka insan yang lemah...
      kang report kena dera kang



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