Tuesday, March 20, 2018

NZ 2017 04 : Dunedin | Tunnel Beach | Nugget Point


Dunedin is a region of unique landscapes and fascinating cultural history. Enjoy getting close to rare wildlife and soaking up the quirky city vibe.

Dunedin 2016

St Clair Beach. Ribut dan kesejukkan

Known as the Edinburgh of New Zealand, Dunedin is the country's city of the south, wearing its Scottish heritage with pride. Surrounded by dramatic hills and at the foot of a long, picturesque harbour, Dunedin is one of the best-preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the Southern Hemisphere. The accommodation is good and plentiful; the nightlife buzzes with funky bars and delicious restaurants and the natural attractions are unique and fascinating.

Bandar yang tenang dan menenangkan.

Dunedin tahun berikutnya kunjungan................


Feel like you are in a Victorian novel and visit the stunning and evocative Tunnel Beach, where in the 1870’s John Cargill, a son of Captain William Cargill, excavated a tunnel down to a secluded beach so that the Cargill families could bathe in privacy away from the prying eyes of St Clair. The beach has massive sandstone boulders, mysterious graffiti carved into the cliffs and a dangerous rip that sadly drowned Cargill's youngest daughter.

Tunnel Beach has been called the most romantic spot in Dunedin

Best at low tide this twenty minute easy walk from the car park on Tunnel Beach Road through private farm land takes you to a magnificent sandstone sea arch and man-made tunnel to the secluded beach with fossil filled cliffs on all sides.

Tahun 2016 gagal turun ke bawah sebab angin kuat

Dan kesejukkan.

Tahun 2017, dapat bersatu dengan alam !


Nugget Point is one of the most distinctive landforms along the Otago coast. It's a steep headland with a lighthouse and a scattering of rocky islets (The Nuggets).

2016 agak mencabar

A five minute walk takes you to the lighthouse, where you'll enjoy amazing views along the coastline in both directions. If you look down onto the rocks directly below the lighthouse, you'll see fur seals lolling about, playing in rock pools and generally having fun. Bring binoculars for close-up viewing of this breeding colony. Nugget Point is also home to sea lions, sooty shearwaters, shags, yellow-eyed penguins, spoonbills and a breeding colony of gannets. Occasionally, elephant and leopard seals visit the area. If you watch the water for a while, you might see Hector's dolphins. From Nugget Point it's an easy walk to Roaring Bay, where you can hide and wait for yellow-eyed penguins. Early morning or sunset are the best times for viewing.

2017, lebih relax dan lebih menikmati keindahan.

Seeloknya datang awal pagi. View memang superbusa cun !



  1. jeles plak aku tgk gambar tunnel beach kat bawah tu...yang lorong bertangga tu ada kat bawah tu ke?aku dulu tak bape fit, so malas nak turun bawah...hahahaha...ruginyaaaaaa....

    1. terowong tu kalau air surut je buleh lalu kot.
      tapi tau je la nak turun naik tempat ni mencabar gila.
      kena minum milo utk jadi lebih sihat dan kuat.


  2. gambar last tu xleh gi jln sampai ujung?



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