Sunday, September 9, 2012

Highlight - Koh Larn

Enjoice gegambar capapan di Koh Larn.

Koh Larn atau dalam bahasa kampungnya... Coral Island.

Koh Larn is a wonderful little island in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Larn is located about 7km off the coast of Pattaya Beach of which is about two hours drive south of Bangkok. The Island is about 4km long and about 2km wide and has about a thousand residents most of whom live in the main village called Naban. Most of the people that live here also work and go to school on the island. Any of the everyday necessities are here including a police force and a small medical facility. There are about six beaches on the island that boast white sand and clear blue water. Koh Larn is a lush green tropical island which has an abundant amount of rain fall each year during monsoon. The terrain is mostly mountainous which is covered in most part with heavy vegetation, jungle if you will. Monkeys naturally inhabit the island as well as other wildlife. Infrastructure here in most part consist of narrow roadways covered with brick pavers.

There are many activities here for visitors to enjoy, some include para sailing, snorkeling, jet ski, banana boat, swimming in tropical waters, and there is even a shooting range located here. Because the island is mountainous there are also some spectacular views for those that like to take a few snapshots. Koh Larn is also very suited for bicycling and hiking, many bicycling events have been held here. Many movie production companies have used the island for movie shoots. There are many accommodations that will make you feel right at home. Then there are the places to eat many right on the beach, serving up fresh, catch of the day sea food. Many visitors come to stay their entire vacation on Koh Larn and return year after year, kind of a home away from home 

Speedbot menuju puncak

Salah satu pantai di Koh Larn

Bot bot kecil mengambil dan menghantar penumpang ke bot besar

Muka bumi Koh Larn

Salah satu chalet di Koh Larn.. Bentuk kapal

Merpati berjoly joly

Menuju ke pantai

Pantai yang bersih dan laut yang membiru

Tenang dan damai

Cuaca panas membakar kulit

Deretan payung payung untuk di sewa. THB100/RM10

Lautan Thai Gulf

Warna Warni di Aidilfitri

Peta Koh Larn

Berduyun tiba dan pergi

Banyak pokok kaktus di sini

Dari atas bukit ( gigih aku memanjat)

Lautan tenang

Dari puncak

Perjalanan pulang ke Pattaya

Lepak lepak di pulau ni tengok awek awek lalu lalang sambil mata menjeling berahi.

Apakah mereka sudah brazilian wax atau tidak..........?

Momen momen begitu adalah indah. Ya. Selagi tak kena lempang di tempat kejadian.

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