Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photog Paya Indah Wetlands 1

Layan je la gegambar ni. Gambar di capap di Paya Indah Wetlands..

You have given me more than just One Moment in Time, to feel renewed, loved and to bounce back when things were rocky. It wasn't right, but it's ok...cause I'm knew I was going to make it anyway. And just when one door closes, another opens up -- although admittedly, I wasn't ready to Dance with Somebody just yet. How Will I know if she really loves me? But I couldn't be Saving all my Love for that person I thought who'd stick by me through thick and thin....so I gave love a new chance. It may not be the Greatest Love of All, but I know I'm willing to work harder in this new relationship...and it's because I Believe in You and Me.

RIP Whitney. I will always love you.

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