Thursday, March 22, 2018

NZ 2017 06 : The Crown Range | Wanaka | Lake Hawea


There are two ways to drive between Queenstown and Wanaka, and this one is the most memorable. It's the highest main road in New Zealand.

The Crown Range lies between Queenstown and Wanaka. The road over the range, known as the Crown Range Road, is the highest main road in New Zealand. It reaches an altitude of 1121 metres, which does bring challenges. In winter, the road is often covered in snow and ice, making for very difficult driving conditions.


In 2017......


45 kilometres long and covering 193 square kilometres, the crystal clear waters of Lake Wanaka are perfect for jetboaters, sailors and kayakers to explore.

A lively town buzzing with a carefree spirit, Wanaka’s picture-perfect location and easy access to the outdoors makes it the ultimate base for your holiday

The lakeside town of Wanaka attracts visitors with its spectacular landscapes, range of things to do and events. Being close to Mt Aspiring National Park makes it the ultimate base for outdoor activities.

In 2016 trip, this was my favorite place of all....

In 2017. Still my favorite spot of all.........


A place of intense beauty and mountainous extremes, Lake Hawea is the outdoor adventurers’ paradise.

An easy, scenic 15 minute drive from Wanaka and on the road to Makarora and the West Coast, is Lake Hawea. A place of vivid beauty, mountainous extremes and legendary fishing spots. Lake Hawea is an outdoor adventurers’ paradise and a great place to boat, swim, kite surf, kayak, ride, walk or just laze about on the beach.

From Lake Hawea township you can find an excellent walk by following Timaru River Road to Timaru Creek, a picnic and camping area. The trail that begins here leads through a valley of beech forest until it flattens onto a braided river bed.

With magnificent views of the surrounding peaks, and a lake to cool off, Lake Hawea offers a welcome respite from the long hot months of summer.

Takde dalam list kunjungan masa tahun 2016. Tahun 2017 muncul mengantikan Glenorchy. 

Stunning dan menawan !



  1. tenang sungguh..pokok sebatang dlm tasik..satu ada daun, satu tinggal ranting..

    1. tu la.. leh lak dia hidup dan outshine benda benda lain kat situ.

  2. Replies
    1. ada baru dan ada lama. saiz berbeza beza.
      kalau datang situ nak donate bra boleh lah.
      ada ke bra masalahnya? ahahahhaa



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