Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SkyFall 007

Jeng Jeng Jeng..

Dah tengok citer James Bond belum?

Aku dah tengok. Pegi dating berdua je, tak bawak Hero. Lagipun dia kan demam.

Apa aku nak cakap lagi, Bond kali ni best ! Sila tengok. Double best sebab tengok di IMAX. Skrin besar. Kebabo kebabo agak real. Gambar adalah super real.

Anyway, tak nak cerita synopsis sebab nanti potong stim.

Kami tengok di IMAX Sunway Pyramid. Parking macam lahanat !

Sebab nak tengok pukul 3.30 petang. Booking tiket pukul 3 petang. Pastu terus gopoh gapah ke Pyramid. Payah gila nak jumpa parking.

Last sekali jumpa gak parking yang overlooking Sunway Lagoon tu.

Sunway Lagoon ni tutup ke? Macam ada renovation jer. Lama tak pi sini.

Entrance Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon

Kat kubah ni biasanya ada parking free sebab tak de penanda lampu atas tu

OK. Sambung balik cerita pasal Bond tadi tu.

Aku nak share dia punya Goofs je. Biasa aku baca Goofs dulu sebelum tengok wayang, tapi kali ni tak sempat sebab kocoh kocoh.

Now aku share. Bagi yang nak tengok Bond ni, nanti buat pedoman dan modal untuk mengkeji.

Character error

The dress worn by Bérénice Marlohe is described (and referred to by Bond) as backless. There is clearly sheer fabric encrusted with crystals - hardly backless.


At the 'Skyfall' family home, M is given a scarf by Kincade to keep warm, later (while outside crossing the moor) she doesn't have it, but later on when they are in the chapel, she is wearing it again.

After Bond 'kidnaps' M and they switch vehicles to the DB5, M is not wearing a coat. When they arrive in Scotland she has a coat on.

When Bond first takes his shirt off after the Shanghai scene, he has no scar on his chest. Then it appears in later shots in the same scene

When Bond is about to fight Patrice in Shanghai, the hammer of his gun changes its position (cocked and un-cocked) multiple times.

Before Bond fights Patrice in Shanghai, he is not wearing his gloves (as he is holding his pistol). However at the end of the fight when Bond is holding Patrice out of the window, his gloves are back on.

In the Shanghai Tower scene, the terrorist/sniper is seen operating a manual, bolt action rifle. Right after during the fight with James Bond, the gun is shot several times just as if it was a semi-automatic weapon.

When at Skyfall, Bond tells Kincade to take M to the church via the priest hole. As they enter and shut the door, there is a close up showing the door being locked by Kincade from the inside. Later when Bond lights the dynamite and evades the estate too he just pushes the door open and enters.

When M is first debriefed by Gareth Mallory, she enters carrying a handbag, which she places on the floor beside her. The meeting ends abruptly and she leaves, but is not carrying a handbag, nor is there one left on the floor.

When Bond and Sévérine are walking in the island, her shoes change color between shots.

In the last scene set in the beach bar in Turkey, when Bond reaches over the bar to gab the bottle and a glass the TV behind him is not switched on. But, when he sits back up, the TV is now switched on and set to a news channel with the volume turned up.

In the end when Bond and Eve stand on the roof Big Ben's clock shows a few minutes to six and Eve says: "Her will was read today", so it's presumably afternoon. But when they go inside Tanner greets Bond by saying: "Good morning".

In the initial Istanbul chase scene, when Patrice jumps from the roof inside the market building, he breaks a window and glass shatters in the floor. In the next scene when Bond jumps from the same window no glass is shown in the floor.

During the motorcycle chase scene, both Bond and Patrice are seen wearing sneakers - with a clearly visible white rubber band around the soles (to add more grip to their foot-pegs) and NOT dress shoes, like they were using before. This then alternates between the two kinds of footwear during the chase.

Factual errors

In the intro scene when James Bond's train car gets disconnected the train brake pipe gets disconnected as well. Train brakes work on positive pressure so if the brake pipe is disconnected the entire train would immediately emergency brake and stop within a short distance and be unable to move. In the movie this clearly wasn't the case and the train continued as if nothing happened.

Revealing mistakes

During the motorcycle chase, shots from behind show the riders are wearing padding underneath their clothing, particularly obvious for James Bond.

When the tube train falls through the hole into the area below, all it's lights are still working. Once each carriage leaves the rails, which carry the electric current, these would all have gone out and the train would have been in darkness.

Overall, James Bond - Skyfall adalah hebat !

Sila pegi tengok tanpa segan dan silu.

Awek Bond adalah hawt !!!!!

Lepas tengok wayang, perut lapar. Pegi isi perut dulu dan jalan jalan keliling Sunway Pyramid.

Nak cari selipar ganti selipar yang putus tapi tak jumpa yang menarik. Mahal lak tu. Padahal selipar Jepun je pun. ( Jepun Je Pun? Hahaha)

Hero dah telefon tanya kat mana sebab aku tak bagitau dia pun nak gi tengok wayang. Kalau tak dia mesti mengamok.

Tu pun dia macam dah syak.

Bagi mengambil hati, abis wayang bawak dia keluar gi makan. Masa makan tu dia cakap.

"Papa !!"
"Hero terasa hati"

* berdebar debar dah ni takut kantoi.

"Air Milo ni panas, minum je terus terasa hati"


Dia nak cakap air Milo suam tu buat dada dia terasa panas bila dia minum, tapi jadi 'terasa hati'

Cuak. Ingat dah kantoi !

This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again

For this is the end
I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment
So overdue I owe them
Swept away, I’m stolen

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall
At skyfall

Skyfall is where we start
A thousand miles and poles apart
Where worlds collide and days are dark
You may have my number, you can take my name
But you’ll never have my heart


  1. Auwww best kannnnnnnnnnnnnn???

    I really cant get enough of Bond daniel craig...

    Ni tak tdo lagi sbb duk melayan casino royale plak dah... ulang tgk tah brp kali tatau. hahahah... benciiiiiiiii

    what to do..

    Klah nak sambung layan the making plak ekekeke... gilo dah iols ni...

  2. Abg meng iols pon suka baca benda alah yg facts correction bagai tuh hahaha lawak khen...

    tp kalo abg meng nengok yg kat turkey tu mmg menipu habis sbbnya dr istanbul pergi adana tu mmg jauh hahah... siap si moneypenny tu boleh kejar nak kereta okeh.. tipoo di situ

    satu lagi kalo tgk cite Istanbul aku datang...

    yg si lisa ni dia ckp;

    "he is gay"

    tau ape subtitle tulis... gay tu dia translate "dia itu 'ria'"


  3. And satu lagi byk plak nak mengomen...

    si silva yang gay tu.. hahahahaha mmg lawak tp best mamat ni...

    laki penelope cruz huh...

  4. Tamak haloba si fj ni komen...

    Dah dah bg iols chance plak nak komen...

    Err..errr...mmm...ok no komen..

    *jom meng men guli..

  5. bang meng.. heroin jap je.. pastu die la plak.. xsmpat nk stim-stim sgt..

    *jari center menguit-nguit..

  6. Hahaha adeh ingatkan ko dh kena kantoi dgn hero tadik! kus selamat..
    Aku pun berdebor2 nk p tgk Skyfall Sabtu nih..harap2 menepati citarasa aku lah teng teng teng..

  7. sekupang mmg peminat tegar james bond. TAPI skyfall ni tak pi tgk lagi, dia peram dulu...haih...

    terasa hati tu mmg terbaek lah! hahahaha hero mmg hebak!



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