Friday, January 7, 2011

Terawang Awangan

A month ago, I have been asking opinions on what kind of camera I should buy. After going back and forth over and over again, I decided to buy Canon 550D DSLR because I am so drool over the pictures we can take with a DSLR. I really wanted live view and video capabilities but DSLRs with those features were cost-prohibitive. So? I bought it anyway.

* begging for money.

I love the camera and have been loving playing with it. I am still learning how to use the various features and settings, but I have still been really pleased with the shots I have gotten out of it.

Here are some pictures taken at Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan is located off the northwest coast of Lombok in Indonesia (1 hr by speed boat from Bali). I put Gili Island on my itinerary last vacation, although I was only excited about Bali because Bali seems to have everything I need for holiday. Great beaches, great foods, great night clubs, interesting culture and hundreds other reason to go.

But it turned out I got a surprise!

See it for yourself !

The water was clean so we can see shells on the bottom of the sea, the sandy white beaches seem to welcome me when I first stepped off from the boat. The color of the beach was gradation form white-green-turquoise-blue-dark blue. It was breathtaking. I stopped for a while and took a mental picture of that moment.

It is a very nice place to go. Forget about works and stuffs. Just lay down on the beach, watching waves, and fishermen’s boats come and go.

This is the place I crave for more. Terawang-awangan.

Will post details update next time. Whenever I have time. :-)

Enjoy the photos and please be jealous of me !


  1. ya, aku jeles....hiks...patut aku kirim pasir Bali haritu...

    *matila suka susahkan orang...hehe...

  2. woihhh...aku ke yang 1st???

    *korek2 pusat...

  3. kaler air sangat menakjubkan...arghhhh....

  4. aku suka pondok2 itu...nampak kemas...patut aku kirim sikit cebisan bumbung pondok itu...hahaha

  5. ok ok....aku tau...patutnya aku pergi sendiri baru puas hati...

    *berazam mau pegi satu hari nanti...!! matila tak tau bila...haha

  6. kenapa namanya Gili Trawangan ya....memula aku baca ingatkan Cili... Cili???

  7. ok dah....aku komen sampai sini je...


  8. Unguu!!

    Jom kiter pakat gi sesama sbb aku pong jeles!!!

    Jom ke bali yuk!

  9. oih. dah beli slr? kukih. motip tanak tunggu aku?

    *nanges mampu beli tali kamera jerk*

    fab cat.

  10. aku nak kawin gadis lombok..anyone??

  11. lawa laaa... thn lepas klu x aku pg sini dah.. uhuhu

    weh2 sape2 yg kata aritu nk bli telekung tuh bli cepat weh

  12. jury. ko nak kawin org lombok buleh la kah? bisa picitin hari hari

  13. aku sukah pic no. 7

    Aku curikkkkkkk......letak kat belog aku.....

    (jgn korek url belog aku..pasal belog aku kat word sajork)

  14. ungu,

    mak aku...bukan aku.... pesan,..
    jangan amek pasir@tanah sembarangan... takut di"jaga".

  15. adusss lawonya gmbar yg pondok nipah tu....

    nk pegi gakk!!



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